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Valve Actuators & Control Systems

Stainless Steel Gas Springs and Dampers

A Full Range of Vacuum System Components

Buckeye, Dotco, Cleco Air Tools

Pressure, Temperature, Level Switches & Valves

Pipe Clamps, Ball Valves & Filters

(Command Controls) Cartridge valves and manifold systems up to 5000 PSI

Hydraulic Pumps, Valves & Power Units


Cartridge Valves, In-Line Valves,
Zero Profile Valves
Conveyor Systems

Hydraulic cylinders, electronics, manifolds and subplates, pumps and valves
Shock Absorbers, Air Springs, Rate Controls and Vibration Isolation

Pancake Air Cylinders, Linear Slides, Grippers and Rotary Actuators

Filters and accessories, pressure regulators, relays, transducers and volume boosters

Air Bags, Springs and Marshmellow Mounts

Modular Machine Building Products
Quick Disconnect Couplings and Quick Seal Connectors

High Pressure Pumps, Air Amplifiers up to 30,000 PSI

High performance pneumatic actuators

Zero Leakage Check and Relief Valves


Air and Hydraulic Valves, Pressure Switches and Process Valves

Pressure Gauges, Transducers & Needle Valves

Push on Fittings, Tubing and Recoil Hose

Accumulators and Surge Arrestors


Vacuum Pumps, Cups, Level Compensators

Safety Sensors and Controls for Industrial Machine Guarding Systems
High Pressure Regulators, Process Regulators and Hydraulic Regulators

Electro-Pneumatic Servo Control

Electric, pneumatic and electro-hydraulic valve control systems
Electric, explosion-proof, rotary actuator product
Control accessories for valve automation
NFPA Air and Hydraulic Cylinders & Accessories
Compressors and Vacuum Pumps
Electric Cylinders, Servo Driven Actuators, Band Cylinders and Linear Slides
Positioners, boosters, valves, regulators, relays and transmitters